A Visit to Tott

I have developed a habit of using my iPhone to take photos of interesting promotions, items, events or discounts while reading magazines. They serves as reminder of things good to know. Strange? It’s just me i guess…sort of like being a market maven…that’s why many of my friends ask me how come I know about this or that.So it happens that I needed to buy a new wok for my new place and I remembered that I took a photo of this $9 wok not too long. I vaguely remembered that it was a place selling all the kitchen stuffs and decided to google the shop named Tott.

It turned out to be a very interesting website! For cooking enthusiasts from novice to experts and even the industry players, this is a website and place you have got to know and visit. They have so many things to offer, from cooking classes to bistro to a shop selling all kitchenware that will have you salivating if u love being in the kitchen.

So after many busy weekends, we finally made a special trip down to buy my wok and check out the Bistro for ourselves. Tott’s concept is pretty similar to that of Ikea’s.  Apart from the main store, they have Cooking Studios for cooking lessons by professional Chefs and a Bake and Go area for you to do a quick baking of cookies with the mix pre-prepared for you. I found that they even provide roasting services for those who love to host at home and in style! And of course not forgetting what we came here for… the Bistro selling delicious and affordable comfort food. The Bistro’s food were designed by Consultant Chef Sam Leong.

I was so excited about the prices and food offered that I told my husband that I wanted to takeaway a few more items so we could try them over breakfast the next day!

Here’s a few photos of the menu and some of the food we tried:

check out the affordable prices!!

Bright and Cheerful Chairs at the Bistro with many food posters of what they serves

Beef Kway Teow Soup!

Our Fave cos the piping hot soup is full of flavor without being too salty and the meat portions are more than what we expected! Definitely a must-try!

Braised Beef Cheeks with Sauted Vegetables and Rice

Had to give this one a try cos Beef is my favorite and this dish was only available on weekends and it was very nice as well. The cheeks were soft and tender, still juicy and well marinated. The only thing to improve on was probably that the rice and the meat could have been served hot as this was only lukewarm when it was served.
Chicken wings!! Immediately we thought to compare it with the ones at Ikea. Well can’t really compare cos this is marinated Chinese Style. Nice and juicy but I would still prefer the Ikea ones though ;p

Durian Chempedak or Durian Tempura

Reminds one of Goreng Pisang but this definitely works for me more than the former as durian is my favorite. Quite nice as it is crispy on the outside and the durian is soft and cold on the inside. Worth a try if you like durians!
After all the above, we were very happy with our selections and were hungry for more, especially me! Since it was so affordable, we decided to order another Chicken Chop to share.
Do not underestimate these chops! The chops were cooked using Sous Vide method  – The sous vide (pronounced “soo-veed”) technique involves cooking food in vacuum-sealed pouches submerged in a water bath held at a precisely-controlled temperature. 
As you can see, the chicken above was huge but definitely juicy and left us smacking our lips and rubbing our bellies in satisfaction.

the best part is the whole meal only costed us $32.90 (drinks included), woohoo!!

Now, an peek at the store itself…it carries so many different kitchen equipment, from the old traditional pots that our grandmother use to concoct chinese medicine to the advance technology of Sou Vide.

In case you were thinking that this place was only for the rich tai tais who have nothing to do but would like to own a kitchen worthy of a pro- chef, you are wrong! Remember I said that I wanted to buy a $9 wok? My husband would not believe that I would find that here, having looked at some of the prices there. But lo and behold, my wok only cost $8.90! Ha I win!

So if you are living in the West or looking for a nice food place to explore over weekends, why not check out Tott Bistro? Hope to see you there some times!

We’ll be back for more reviews of Tott after we check out their cooking class for our wedding anniversary! Till then…tata!